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Unitronics is a global company, a designer, developer, producer & marketer of Programmable logic Controllers (PLCs) the computer ‘brains’ that automate mass production lines. Our mission is to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective. Our vision is to leverage automation technology with cutting-edge communication technology.

Unitronics’ Research & Development team is transforming that vision into reality as you read these lines.

Since 1989, Unitronics has introduced devices intended to span the divide between industry & communications technology. Our OPLC™ controller series enable bi-directional man-machine communication through a simple user interface.

We are justly proud of our fine R&D department, the people that keep Unitronics at the sharp, cutting edge of technical research and development. Unitronics markets its products through a global distribution network, comprising more than 140 distributors in Europe, South America, Asia, & South Africa.

Our products run production lines in the plants of companies such as: Coca Cola, Danone, Elf Lub N.V., Campina Melkuni Mona, Agfa, Colgate-Palmolive, Quaker Oats, Israel Aircraft Industries, Farm Frittes, Heinz, the Klooftmine Gold Mines, Nestle and more.

Unitronics has been a publicly traded company since October 1999.
Warehouse & DistributionIn your business, efficient logistics is an absolute requirement. Properly implemented, logistics gives you market advantage, enabling you to compete in today’s dynamic market. Whether you operate a small manual warehouse to store, pick and pack customer orders, or run a huge distribution center with an automated high-bay warehouse and automatic picking robots, logistics is the essential element.

For this reason, more and more companies worldwide opt to improve their logistic infrastructure to increase efficiency and flexibility, and provide an overall improved level of service. Such improvements include:
Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
Conveying and Transportation Systems
Order Picking and Sorting Systems
WMS - software packages complementing the organization's ERP
Excellent Logistic Management is a strategy that enables you to improve your profit margin by achieving operational efficiency, managing costs, and improving asset management throughout your entire supply chain.

Unitronics is your perfect partner for the design, installation and implementation of Excellent Logistic Solutions.

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